The Crucible (Concept)

An initial design sketch, composed during the reading of the show.

Prologue: Though not included in the script, I have seen productions that begin with the girls' dance in the woods, which adds to the overall mood of the piece than the initial scene. The woods, at night.

Act One: The upper bedroom of Reverend Parris's house. A twin bed where Betty Parris lies, unable to speak, and two stools used by various other characters. The director would have the option of using the foreward stairs or the escape stairs to lead to the remainder of the Parris house, allowing for room to play the unscripted scenes below (singing a hymn, which Betty reacts to, etc).

Act Two, Scene One: The Proctor's House. The opening off the platform is to be used as the front door. The poppet Mary Warren gives to Elizabeth Proctor lies on a wooden trunk, SR.

Act Two, Scene Two: the forest at night. Proctor and Abigail's meeting place.

Act Three: The exterior of the court room. Again, the opening at the back of the platform serves as the doorway. The bench and stools are arranged for the use by both the court officials and the girls who are brought forward to be questioned.

Act Four: The jail. The bar-like edifice would be moved on as a single unit and placed in front of the opening on the platform to symbolize the cells without inhibiting characters to single spaces. The stage can therefore serve as the hall-way (outside the cell) or the cell itself.


A concept I started working on after attending a reading of Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ by local and professional actors in Indianapolis for the cast of the Boze Lyric Theatre (Anderson University)'s current production of the opera of the same name.